Family chronicle


Once upon a time in 1933 - Our family chronicle begins.

Lorenz Holzschuh moves from Pforzheim to Schönmünzach to acquire the Hotel Waldhorn, as the place develops into a gem for those seeking relaxation.


His son, Kurt Holzschuh, a trained hotel clerk, marries Edith Göbel. This marriage produced two children, Birgit and Bernd, who both work in the business.


The Waldhorn is sold and Kurt Holzschuh builds the Schwarzwaldhotel directly opposite.


First hotel expansion. One floor is added.


The neighboring house "Pension Platten" is bought and completely renovated in 1975. An intermediate building connects the two buildings. A modern Kneipp and bathing department is created, which today is managed by the son-in-law Robert Hocedez. Thus, this department is also under family management.

1987 and 1990

the owner couple become grandparents.


Kurt Holzschuh once again adds new attractions to the hotel. The indoor rock pool with waterfall and the new café terrace with mill wheel are added.


In February, Mr. Kurt Holzschuh passes away after a serious illness at the age of 64. He leaves an uncloseable gap. In November, work will begin on adding another floor to the hotel. The exterior facade will be fundamentally changed.


In spring, the spacious extension building can be put into operation. Thus, 63 beds are now available to guests.


the kitchen is totally renovated. From gas is switched to the modern induction stoves with electricity. Two days after the installation of the kitchen, the storm "Lothar" surprises us and we have 3 days of power outage. The power failure fell directly on the 25. 26. and 27. of december.


the wellness department is expanded: the sauna is renovated and the new aroma steam bath is created.


the restaurant is renovated and extended by the Hauff-Stüble. The former fireplace room is transformed into a cozy cafe and WunderBar.


the reception area is renewed and the exterior facade is completely renovated.


in the course of the RTL program "Der Hotelinspektor" the restaurant is remodeled again and an area of the wellness-Kneipp department is renovated. The new Relax floating bed is purchased. Several rooms are also being redesigned from the ground up.Hotel critic Heinz Horrmann, also known for the TV show "Die Kocharena," is thrilled.


The program will be broadcast in May with great success.


In June 2010 Bernd Holzschuh takes over the hotel.
Sporadic bathrooms will be renovated and 4 bio rooms are planned. In December, the hotel receives the "Golden Service Crown 2011". This award stands for excellent service and is given by the Excelsior Business Club.


Award as Top 50 Hotel of *** stars gastronomy.
In March our organic rooms were completed. They are built with oiled solid oak and are therefore allergy friendly.
Awarded as "Viatoura Hotel" due to excellent Holidaycheck ratings.


The hotel is again voted among the most popular TOP 50 hotels in the 3*** category. Two more BIO rooms are being built.


Awarded the service crown for "Wellness and Spa". The Schwarzwaldhotel becomes a prevention hotel. Awarded with the Holidaycheck Quality Certificate. In summer we become 4**** star hotel.


The front area of the hotel is renovated and then renewal of our beauty farm to the forest spa with hay relaxation lounger in the hay barn.


In May, Bernd Holzschuh marries his fiancée Kathleen at Moritzburg Castle. In December, the new "Engagement Rock Room" will be added. Two more rooms will be equipped with the view from the engagement rock.


In February, another audit of the German Hotel Classification will take place. Out of a minimum of 400 points, 527 were achieved and again classified as a 4****star hotel. Senior manager Edith Holzschuh celebrates her 85th birthday. In May and June, the restaurant and the hallway in front of the restaurant will be redesigned. Likewise, 2 rooms are being renovated again.


The breakfast terrace is being renovated and now invites you to breakfast in the fresh Black Forest air when the weather is nice. The elevator gets a general overhaul and now has a new control system as well as a new "inner life".


The breakfast terrace gets a swinging dining table as a highlight. This kind of swing makes breakfast even more fun.
In summer, the Black Forest Terrace is transformed from a "coffee terrace" to a "wellness terrace". Now, with all kinds of seating and lounging options, this invites you to relax and sunbathe when the weather is nice. There will be an access from the relaxation room in the wellness area to the Black Forest terrace.


An outdoor sauna on the sun terrace is added - the Glasmännle sauna. This now expands the wellness offer.


is a very challenging year for everyone. On March 20, the hotel was closed for 10 weeks due to the Corona lockdown. This time was used for the kitchen floor renovation as well as the renovation of some rooms. The long-awaited reopening was followed by another closure on Nov. 2 due to the Corona lockdown.


The senior manager, Edith Holzschuh, celebrated her 90th birthday on February 21. A special day for them - but unfortunately without a big party and without the whole family, because this was prohibited by corona.

In December, the WunderBAR will be converted into a fasting area. Also the public toilets at the reception as well as the old bath department will be modernized. Due to delivery problems, the conversion work will continue into the new year. In the course of the renovation, the fireplace room in the restaurant was converted into a lounge for cozy evening hours.


We welcome André Weber and Björn Nadesan, who as alternative practitioners and fasting leaders offer their fasting cures with "Naturally Fasting" in our house.


In February, the hotel is leased to Feeling Home Hotels GmbH.
We are now pleased to welcome Nicole Schlimpert and Marco Zietzschmann as new owners. Kathleen and Bernd Holzschuh will still remain with the house.
On February 26, our beloved Senior Chef, Edith Holzschuh, passed away peacefully at the blissful age of 92 years and 5 days after a busy yet fulfilling life.


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