Wellness is a comprehensive concept of physical well-being for health and beauty.
“The term wellness (English wellness ‘well-being’ or ‘feeling good’), first translated as “…wealnesse” in a 1654 monograph by Sir A. Johnson in the Oxford English Dictionary as “good health,” stands in modern understanding for a holistic concept of health and since the 1950s in the United States has been the generic term for what was then a novel health movement.” Source: Wikipedia

Contact us, we are always ready to advise you and let us pamper you.

Bathing pleasure

A highlight of the house – the indoor rock pool with waterfall, which runs at different times for you. You can find the times for the waterfall at the entrance door to the pool.

A wonderful bathing experience awaits you in our indoor rock pool with a temperature of 27°C. Feel the power of the water under the waterfall or have fun in the bubbles of the geyser and then feel reborn on the comfortable deck chairs!

Physiotherm infrared cabin

For centuries, heat has been used to treat various ailments. It is an optimal heat application and unique combination of low temperature infrared technology and patented lava sand technology. This guarantees healthy deep heat already from 30°C without stressing the cardiovascular system.

Birken-Sauna (ca. 90°C)

In unserer Sauna bringen wir Sie garantiert zum Schwitzen. Die Abfolge von Hitze mit anschließendem Kaltduschen und Aufenthalt im Frischluftraum hat eine wohltuende Auswirkung auf das Gesamtbefinden.
Die täglich wechselnden Aromen haben, neben einem inspirierenden Dufterlebnis, auch jeweils eine unterschiedliche Wirkung auf Körper und Geist.

BIO pine cone sauna (approx. 55°C)

In contrast to the birch sauna, the pine cone sauna is a light variant with approx. 55°C. It is ideal for beginners and for those who can not tolerate extreme heat, but still do not want to give up the benefits of sauna.
With the soothing scent of fir you will feel refreshed right after the sauna session.

Aroma steam bath

The high humidity in a steam bath opens the skin pores and thus has a cleansing, purifying effect. Essential oils provide free breathing and prevent colds. Even hay fever sufferers will find relief here. Our comfortably furnished aroma steam bath will help you get rid of everyday stress. Whether coming from sports or one of our outdoor events, taking a sauna is relaxing.

Glasmännle outdoor sauna

on the sun terrace

With a fantastic view to the engagement rock and surrounded by meadows and forests, you will spend a relaxing time there. After your sauna session, you can relax directly on one of the numerous loungers on the sun terrace or you can go to the forest lawn to regenerate.

Our hay barn

Treat yourself to your time out

and relax after a sauna session in the relax water hay bed or in our relaxation rooms.


The trained professional staff welcomes you to your forest spa, the place of harmony and deep relaxation. They will be happy to advise you and pamper you with facial and body treatments. Let your soul dangle and make your skin shine again from the inside and outside. Because beauty is the harmony of body, mind and soul as well as the appreciation of oneself.

There are no applications on Sundays and holidays.

Vegan cosmetics

Charlotte Oelheim Cosmetic

By using skin-compatible active ingredients, MediCare care products are designed to meet the needs of each particular skin situation and provide care where it is needed.
All products are free from toxic, hormone-active ingredients as well as silicones, parabens, PEG’s, mineral oils, fragrances and perfumes.
Highest product quality. Made in Germany.

Spa floating bed

Float into complete relaxation with scents and melodies. While selected body wraps unfold their effects, you will be bedded in a warm water pillow. You sink in easily, a feeling of weightlessness becomes palpable. The Starlight effect with light points in eight changing colors conveys balance. Wellness music, which transmits vibrations to your body, deepens relaxation.

Permanent Contour ®

Permanently steamed stamps

ln the preparation unit, the steam is provided at the desired temperature and pressed evenly through the die by a pump via a very flexible hose line. In the process, all water-soluble active ingredients are pressed outward onto the skin (hydrophilic phase). Before the stamping treatment, a special oil, adapted to the respective group of active ingredients, is applied to the skin. With the massage movements, this oil penetrates the inside of the stamp and mixes with the contents. In this process, the oil-soluble active ingredients are dissolved and pressed outward, together with the water-soluble ones, onto the skin, where they are rubbed into the skin. The massaging movements vigorously mix the contents of the stamp, the particles rub against each other and against the salt crystals, thus preparing the contents in an ideal form for the release of the active ingredient.


Did you know…

… that massage-like manipulations for healing purposes have existed since ancient times? In ancient Greece as well as in ancient Rome, but also in India and the Arabic countries, everywhere you can find writings that mention the use of massage.

Hot Stone

is the gentle method of stimulating new energies and relaxing muscles with warm stones that move over the skin on a fine, pleasant film of oil.


Creative harmony triumphs over the stress of everyday life. Relax, recharge your batteries, let yourself be seduced by exoticism and the Orient. Harmonize mentally and relax physically – become one with the natural aura of ancient elements.


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